Gen-YIt is said that there is no single marketing strategy that can be applied to all at all times. The trend in marketing is also changing as the years pass which is why there is a need to live up to the shift. And today, marketing to generation Y consumers are way too difficult as most marketers would say. So if you are caught in the tedious task of targeting generation Y consumers, here are some of the tips that you may find useful.

Use Social Media Networking

The use of social media networks is the fastest way to promote business. Generation Y consumers are accustomed to the social media and makes it as their usual hang out place. Since you can find new generation consumers in here, it is best to also put your business in line with social media.

Do Not Trick Consumers

Generation Y consumers are meticulous in sifting through products and services in the market. Probably, the number of scams sprawling in the online world leaves people a whole lot sensitive in choosing.

A lot of new generation consumers are actually difficult to trick and once they have found an inconsistency in your marketing strategy, you might get dumped completely.

Show Easy Purchasing Deals

Generation Y consumers value the convenience. The easier the commodities can be availed, the more the consumers would patronize you. It would always be a good marketing move to show consumers how easy purchasing from your company is. You might even include pure online transaction on the deal to make it more appealing to this new wave of consumers who may seem to take the easiest way of purchasing things even at the cost of not moving an inch from the seat in front of the computer.


These are some of the helpful tips that you can make use of when you are in the phase of finding a marketing plan that will work in this new generation of consumers. Drawing consumers’ attention is the first step towards approaching success in business. There is a great deal over planning things out.


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