Techniques on How to Answer the Most Common Job Interview Question

The question “Tell me something about yourself” is one of the most common but also the most mind boggling interview questions that you may find yourself stumbling to answer. Most people approach this question by babbling until they say something that will engage the interviewer, by doing a resume walk-through and by saying filler words. Here are some ways to get through this difficult phase of the interview process:

  1. Your opening sentence should focus on your educational background. Briefly mention your degree and where you graduated from. For example: “I am a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree of bachelor of science in economics.
  2. Your second sentence should include a short work history. For example “I have sales and marketing work experience from a number of industries. I have been with IBM for seven years and at Verizon for 5 years.
  3. Your final sentence should explain why you are there and taking a new step in your career. It should answer the question why you are being interviewed at the moment. You could end the answer by saying “I am interested in expanding my career into marketing and I am very interested in international marketing which we are discussing today.”

After your response, pause and then smile at your interviewer and then allow them to ask the next interview question. Usually people being interviewed have a fear of sounding scripted as well as being judged as not knowing their own background. You may also feel that what you have said may not be enough to impress your interviewer however your interviewer will ask for more if they think that what you have said is not enough. They may also be looking for your ability to construct a compact summary of a lot of information.

Do you have a co-worker that drives you nuts? I have one and he is the over arrogant, talkative and downright lazy person that you would rather disappear! But of course you can never actually make this person disappear; you just have to deal with him the best way you can. Here are some ways to handle irritating co-workers:

Be positive

The best thing that you could probably do is just to let the annoying things that your co-worker does to just roll off your back. Just keep a positive attitude and do your work. Anyway, he will never be able to finish his work or he will likely be transferred or terminated because of his negligence anyway. Stay focused and you will find yourself spending less time looking at his flaws.

Find a common ground between the two of you

If you think of only the negative side of your co-worker then chances are you will have a hard time accepting him. Why not find something that you two can compromise on. Find common interest like computer games, interest in the same song genre or even as subtle as the same taste in clothing. You will eventually find him less irritating when you find something common between the both of you.

Be kindness and rewind…. Well don’t rewind just be kind

Even if you are dealing with a bully or someone that is out to bring you down, these people will never succeed when you turn their plans against them. Take your attention away from their plans and do not let these bring you down. Keep your chin up and stay away from any arguments or debates. Remember that doing this will only cause a negative impact on your work. Smile and show them that they can never rain on your parade and continue your work as usual.

Reject their attention in a polite manner

Be true to your feelings. If you just can’t stand the annoyingness of a co-worker, simply say no. tells them to respect your space and be polite about it. This will give them red flags that you mean business and that they should never bother you anymore especially when their concern is not work-related.

Assert your rights!

If you simply just had enough, assert your rights and take charge of the situation. If you have done every solution to deal with an irritating co-worker then you should come up to his face and tell him that he is affecting your productivity at work. Be polite but firm. If this does not solve anything, escalate the problem to your boss. Remember that each employee deserves a healthy and positive work environment and so never let bully co-worker drive you off the wall!


Focusing on your co-worker’s flaws like his arrogance, laziness and stubbornness will only irritate you more and will make you become less focused on your work. If his attitude is just too much, your boss will be able to catch on to the problem and will surely call his attention. Your last step should be to ignore!